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Hello my fannish friends! As you can see, I have changed the EnchantingMuse homepage(s). Since I am very active on the internet and have established a screen-name that spans both fannish and personal pursuits... well, I'd like to at least make an attempt at separating my more "public" face from the fandom side.

Thus, the default index for my website gives my more open-to-the-public sites and here at fandom.enchantingmuse.com will guide you to all things fandom.

~Enmuse (Scifiroots)

Scifiroots' Odds & Ends
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| Art of Life | is home to my fanfiction writings. Updating goes super slow. My LJ or AO3 is best for being up-to-date, but it is a permanant archive of (most) everything I have written. | i:have:seen:the:angel | is for anything related to the USA Network series, The Dead Zone. Primarily my own fanworks, but there are a number of graphics from other fans, and an open archive for fanfiction. | The Bayou | contains everything I'd done related to the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. Also houses a collection of relevant links, including posts in the pre-AWE speculations. | Everything Else | is self-explanatory. Primarily this is where I can house my icons, links to my fanmixes, various graphics, Photoshop brushes, etc.

other important links
As mentioned above, I'm all over the internet doing all sorts of things. Here are links of interest for where else you can find me. (Note: My diigo account is where I now keep track of fanfiction I recommend.)

Diigo // deviantArt // Flickr // Tumblr // YouTube

Contact me if you find any broken links or have questions.

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